The idea behind an amazing professional headshot is to help people connect you to your brand.  Its no longer just about your logo or how you website looks.  In a social media world people more than ever want to know what you look like and who they are doing business with.  That being said you have become your business or better yet an accurate representation of what your business looks like.  If your headshot is a professional one and you look well put together you will indeed increase your capture rate as opposed to a photo that is dark and grainy taken from a cell phone.  You are your business.  You are your brand.   How you market yourself can greatly impact on your success.  A professional headshot can be anything from indoors to outdoors.   Beautiful color and lifestyle photography to make amazing images that people will connect your business and your logo to.

Its time to treat yourself to some fun!  Glamour and Modelling photography is not about big hair and make up and looking good for the camera its about treating yourself to a fun experience and getting to have memories of that experience.  Of course we do provide hair and make up for all of our full packages and we will help you with your wardrobe selection too. Isn't time you got to be glamorous?

Like what you see?  Let my lens tell your story.


Glamour & Modelling Photography

Professional Head Shots