Like what you see?  Let my lens tell your story.


Do you have a DSLR Camera?  Do you take photos and use Lightroom to edit your photos?  Not sure how to remove unwanted things inside the photo?  Are your photos not popping enough?

Click This! Lightroom Editing 101 is the perfect workshop for anyone starting out or those who want to fine tune their skills.  The workshop will take place February 17th from 10am-4pm in Brampton, ON.  The location will be determined.

Learn how to edit photos in this Photography Workshop designed to teach you how to edit photos using Adobe Lightroom like a pro.  

You will Learn:  

How to organize your photos so you never loose them.

Learn how to create a "clean edit" photo.

How to use presets and brushes.

Learn to save underexposed photos.

Get rid of red eye

Understanding the Crop tool and using it to create different looks from one photo. 

You will learn how to remove unwanted blemishes, scars, dark circles under the eyes.

Remove items from your backgrounds.

Brighten eyes and Whiten teeth.

You will also learn how to create a workflow to easily edit more than one photo at a time saving you time.

...and so much more.....

This workshop includes all the materials covered in a preprinted notebook given to you in class.  It also includes a catered lunch and beverages.

Students must have a lap top to join this course.  They must also have the Adobe Lightroom program downloaded before the program start.  This workshop does not include the software.  It is also suggested but not necessary to have an external hard drive for photo storage.

To Register, click on the button below.  For more information please contact me here.

Lightroom Editing 101