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Introduction to Lightroom Classic

Lightroom is one of those awesome programs that can be totally customized and has seemingly endless options for how to use it however It can be overwhelming and confusing.

In my unique Lightroom Workshop I will teach you a simple step by step system for working with Lightroom Classic. Basing the system off my workflow you will learn how to use the Library and Develop Modules with ease.
The workshop Includes specific tips for faster organization and processing will shows you how to use all the retouching tools, teach you use and create your own presets and provides backup tips to help you feel more confident.

And so much more…

Get Started – Library Module Importing & Backing Up
Get Organized – Library Module Organizing
Get Creative – Develop Module
Get Connected – Sharing Your Photos and Exporting

Trish Beesley has created an easy Workflow system that walks you through each function and gives you a specific, step by step process for organizing and retouching your images for maximum efficiency and creative expression.
This workshop is great for people who are totally new to the software and for those that are frustrated from having tried to use it on their own.

You must have the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC installed. This workshop is NOT for Lightroom CC and won't be going into Lightroom Mobile with any depth. This is about mastering the original Lightroom Program

This workshop includes all the materials covered in a preprinted notebook given to you in class.  It also includes a catered lunch and beverages.

Students must have a lap top to join this course.  This workshop does not include the software.  It is also suggested but not necessary to have an external hard drive for photo storage.

To Register, click on the button below.  For more information please contact me here.